Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Year's Eve in the ’Boro

New Year's Eve was exceptional this year ... or I guess I should say last year. I got the chance to see Kelley's little sister get married in an absolutely gorgeous ceremony, and partied it up with all my Statesboro guys and girls (who I don't get to see often enough!).

Here are a few shots of the good times:

This is me showing my enthusiasm for the bonfire David built. What can I say? It was chilly and the fire was warm ... plus, it's amazing how simple things can become amazing discoveries after a couple glasses of Hoos Juice.

Big John and Scott - up to no good, I'm sure!!!

Kelley, Tommy and some of the rest of the gang raising hell, Statesboro style!

The party was winding down ... I think we were all a little loopy!!!