Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm back!

Nashville was so much fun! Thanks to one of its newest residents, I got a great little sampling of what this music city is all about.

After trying to take a tour of the Ryman Auditorium but learning it had just closed, Mike and I opted for touring the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not being a huge fan of country music, I can honestly say that the museum was quite fascinating. They even had one of Elvis' old cars - and it came complete with a record player. Now, that's style ...

After the Hall of Fame trip (which was cut short due to an overly zealous teenage employee who let us know several times that the place was closing in 20 minutes, 10 minutes and so on ...), we headed over to an Irish pub to have dinner. I think I grossed Mike out with my reuben sandwich, but he had fish and chips - so we were even. (I hate seafood, and apparently corned beef isn't his thing - especially when combined with swiss cheese, cabbage and thousand island dressing.).

At any rate, we eventually hit a karaoke bar where I witnessed one of the most amusing things I've seen in a while. There was this man - a tall, rather cut, attractive black gentleman with a large beltbuckle like cowboys wear. He was the dj in charge of calling the next singers' names and taking care of their music. But, every so often when a singer didn't make it onto the stage, he'd take the mike and sing his heart out. It didn't matter if it was a country song where he used a deep voice and sounded like a true blue Vince Gill, or if it was a song such as the theme from "Moulin Rouge" where he sang Christina Aguilara's part as well as Mya's and Pink's. The man was versatile, and it was awesome. I swear, he deserves his own show on television. I'd watch it.

That's where we ended the night. We didn't stay out too late, considering I didn't get much sleep the night before with work and all. I was rambling on and on incoherantly by the time we got back to his apartment. Poor Mike. He had to deal with a rather tipsy, sleepy Stacey. What a good friend. :-)