Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mascara makes me cranky

I have white eyelashes. They're practically see-through, they're so light. This means I must wear mascara to avoid looking sickly. Seriously.

One problem: I hate, hate, hate the stuff. I can never apply it right, and inevitably it appears as though spiders' legs are sprouting through my eyelids. Nice, eh? I've tried every kind of mascara, but I think it's me. I can't put the stuff on right. I'm officially mascara-challenged.

Therefore, I'm looking into alternatives. Dye? Do they actually do this? I wouldn't want to dye my lashes myself. God knows I'd dye my eyes. Something tells me that wouldn't look so good.

I'm on a quest. I must find a solution to this problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.