Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New curtains and other excitement!

I am thrilled to pieces. I know I'm a true dork, but I'm about to pop with excitement that I finally found a pair of curtain panels that I loved enough to actually purchase! I'm mad that my camera doesn't work, because I'd post a picture of my great find. And lucky me - they were on clearance at Home Goods!! I've hung them, and my livingroom has been magically transformed into a homey atmosphere. I love it!

A new co-worker, Holly, and I went on a shopping adventure today. She's new in town and apparently shares the same appreciation of shopping til you drop that I do, so it was perfect. We had lunch downtown at Big River Grill and then headed over to Frazier Avenue to hit the regular hot spots - Blue Skies, New Moon, the clothing outlet and the Linen Closet. Then I took her out to Hixson and on to the TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Old Navy. Fun times!