Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fraidy cat

It was a dark, stormy night ... Lightning brightened the sky and thunder rolled. Rain fell from buckets and the earth was drenched. Somewhere, a very weary Stacey lay in bed wondering if her cat would ever stop freaking the hell out so she could get some sleep.

The answer was a resounding NO.

Yes, my cat is a pansy. Thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners are her two mortal enemies. It just so happened that last night the storms were out to get her and I, apparently, was the only thing standing between her and sure death.

In her little cat mind I had been appointed her protector and, by God, that duty didn't involve sleeping. If I managed to steal a few moments of sleep, Anna would make her presence known by flopping down as hard as she could next to my head. This happened all night long.

So now, after a few minutes of sleep here and there, I declare victory for Anna and defeat for me. I am very tired. And cranky. And allergic.

What a nice day.