Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My car thinks I'm rich

My poor car is falling apart at the seams, literally. I've glued and reglued with a variety of different glues and specialty adhesives those little rubber strips that go on the side of my car. You know, the things that are supposed to prevent dents when some rambuctious idiot rams their shopping car into your cart in the Bi-Lo parking lot? Those things.

NOTHING is working, and I'm getting rather aggrivated because not only does it look ugly, but it's just one of many problems I'm having with my vehicle (which is not paid for yet, dammit).

Let's look at the continuously growing list of items I need to take care of when I win the lottery (I guess I should start playing the lottery ...):

* Side strip thingies
* Cruise control (yep, that went out about 2 years ago)
* Air conditioning (It gets H-O-T in Chattanooga, and I don't enjoy sweating all the way to work in the afternoons)
* Driver's side door lock (If you put the key in, the whole lock comes out. That means I've got to walk to the passenger side to unlock my door and then walk back around to the driver's side to get in. Looks really intelligent.)
* Car alarm (My alarm is possessed. I can't go through an automatic car wash because it'll be triggered. And sometimes the alarm just goes off for no reason whatsover. It's got a mind of its own, and it's evil)

I guess that's it, besides the new set of tires and timing belt I'm about to drop some major bucks on - but that's normal. The other stuff, well, I just think my car is out to break me.