Saturday, March 19, 2005

My tough luck

The following is a phone conversation that took place between Stacey and Scott about 45 minutes ago:
Stacey: Hello?
Scott: What'cha doing tonight?
Stacey: I'm working ... Oh God, what's going on?
Scott: Aw man, that sucks. Mike Davis is in Atlanta tonight for the NASCAR race. We're going to meet up with him and have a few drinks and then go to the race tomorrow ... VIP room and everything. We just wanted to know if you could come!
Stacey: Mike's in town? Dammit!!! Who all is going??
Scott: Me, David, Lavene, Nick and Meredith. We'll get to go into the pit road tomorrow before the race and everything. You sure you can't make it down?
Stacey: Why, Why, WHY do I not have a nice 9-5, Monday through Friday job like most normal people?!? WHY????
Stacey: (after collecting myself) No ... I can't make it down.

And there you have it. I could be hanging out with my old college friends tonight in downtown Atlanta. Mike, who was one of my old roommates at the infamous Donaldson House, is now part of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s public relations team. We graduated from the same university with the same degree, and he gets to travel all over the country with Little E and meet all sorts of fun and interesting people. I, on the other hand, am working nights as a lowly copy editor. (Not that I don't love my job ... I do. BUT it pales in comparison to traveling with famous people and going to incredible parties and such.)

So, to Scott, David, Lavene, Nick and Meredith, I say -- I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!
(Oh, and give Mike a hug for me!!)