Monday, March 07, 2005

Newspaper Bloggers 'R' Us

I had no idea that my former co-workers at The Statesboro Herald had joined the blogisphere, but apparently I'm way behind the times.

As I was reading Scott's blog today, I checked out the comments on one of his postings. That's when I stumbled upon Jake's blog. Jake covers my old beat at the Herald, and I'm sure he's starting to feel the strains of higher ed/nonprofits/community groups/anything else that needs to be covered at a moment's notice. I tip my hat to Jake - he's one of the more talented folks I know. Quirky personality, too, which makes him all the better.

Next up is Eddie. What a great guy - and one of the taller people I've ever met. I've never seen Eddie be anything but cool, calm and collect, which always impressed me.

And finally there's Holli's blog. Holli sat behind me while I was a reporter in Statesboro. She's got some of the best stories (and I'm not talking about news reports) that I've ever heard. Stop by her blog, and I'm sure you'll get a laugh or be taught a life lesson or two.

Oops! I almost forgot about Luke's blog! Luke worked with me at Georgia Southern's student newspaper, The George-Anne back in the day. Now he's a reporter for the Herald.