Tuesday, March 01, 2005


OK ... maybe not a lot, but it did snow here last night - if only briefly. It was weird snow, though. What little had accumulated on my car after work looked more like the salt around a margarita glass than snow.

Unfazed by the oh-so treacherous conditions outside, Jim and I decided to head over to the Pickle Barrel to have a few drinks. Lucky for us it was servers night (those who work at local restaurants and bars around town get $1 domestics). No, we're not servers, but we happened to know our Pickle Barrel server, who was gracious enough to extend the discount to a couple of late-night editors in need of a few beers. We were very appreciative!

By the time we headed out, the snow was gone, and there's no sign of it today. I do hope we get a little accumulation at some point before the winter's over. It's almost magical to those of us who are lucky to see it once or twice a year.