Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So very sleepy

Last night was so spectacular that today I hurt all over! We had a blast for my "unbirthday" birthday bash!

Jim picked me up arond 7 p.m., and we headed straight to St. John's. I love this place - love, love, love it! Anything you order is superb, right down to my first-course salad, which was topped with pears and pistaccios. The next time I go, I must try to hit up the chef for his dressing recipe. It's a molasis vinaigrette that is simply de-li-cious!!!

Jim and I both had a steak topped with this veal saucy stuff that was oh, sooo wonderful! The steak sat on a bed of mashed potatoes and verts. It was all so yummy! Jim ordered a bottle of pinot noir to go with our dinner, and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. We somehow managed to drink the whole bottle, even after our pre-dinner coctails, and we both were feeling rather groovy when we left!

But, before we hit the town we had to order dessert!! I was somewhat disappointed that creme brule wasn't on the menu last night, so instead I had a blood orange tart and Jim ordered a banana split! Isn't that funny? But their banana splits are wonderful - topped with a chocolate-covered cherry and sitting in a "bowl" of hard chocolate. My tart was incredible, too! MMmmmm...

About two hours later, we jumped into the car and went to Big River where we tried their newest beer, an Irish red. It wasn't something either of us really liked much, so I ordered my usual Southern Flyer and Jim got his Sweet Magnolia. It was actually very sedate at Big River last night, so we had an opportunity to just sit and talk to each other and our bar tender, who happens to be married to one of Jim's old aquaintances. And Jim had an absolute ball making fun of the preppy guy who was decked out in a pink Abercrombie shirt. It was a great time. The only thing I regret is wearing heels because my feet are still sore! Along with the rest of my body ... I don't think I'm up to drinking as much as I did in college anymore.!

Well, that's the story of my unbirthday bash! I must be getting back to work.