Sunday, March 06, 2005

Television appearance

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It appears that Jim, Waide, Lauren, Richard and I all had our 15 minutes of fame (er... probably 1.5 minutes of fame) last night on ESPN 2.

If you missed it (which I'm sure you did), UTC was playing UNCG in the SoCon men's basketball championship game. We had tickets right behind the basket on UTC's pep band side. A prime location, if you ask me.

But, some fuddy duddies who also are season ticket holders didn't like the fact that UTC students were psyched about their team making it to the championship game and ran them off from our section because the students wanted to *gasp* stand up and cheer for their team. So, the painted faces made their way up to the nosebleed sections.

Fast forward to the second half where you can sit where ever you please. ... The "true" fans came back in droves, and we "old folks" had the best time pretending to be students again. The stadium errupted in chants, cheers, whoops and hollars, and ESPN caught all our madness on live TV.

I'm actually sore this afternoon from all the jumping and cheering!! I know I didn't go to UTC, but over the course of the last three seasons, I've really become a fan of Mocs basketball. Those guys are great, and although my loyalty will always go to Georgia Southern, I'll cheer for UTC the rest of the time.

So with that I say, congratulations UTC in winning the Southern Conference Championship! GO MOCS!!

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