Tuesday, April 26, 2005

900+ miles later ...

I'm back!

My trip to Virginia was a much needed mini-vacation. Although Mom and I really didn't go all out, we had some great mother-daughter time.

The drive up to Lynchburg was good - until I got to Marion, Va., where the sky opened up and dumped monstrous amounts of rain and hail while I tried to keep my car between the highway lines and dodge lightening strikes - all while not being able to see more than 2 feet in front of my car. I hate, hate, hate driving conditions like that. Especially when there's nowhere to pull off the road without the risk of getting plowed by another driver who can't see.

But, I did manage to make it there in one piece, and my time in Lynchburg was spent shopping with Mom and visiting with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Wendell. I also got the chance to see my cousin Brad and his new girlfriend, which was cool. But scary - considering I clearly remember when Brad was born. And now he's 19 and quite the ladies' man, apparently.

I left yesterday and made it home in record time - 6.5 hours. I won't say just how fast I was hauling it down the interstate. But, it's good to be home.

Oh, the picture was taken on U.S. 460 - about 10 miles from Mom's house on my way home yesterday. I thought the sky was beautiful.