Tuesday, April 12, 2005

And this is why I'm sneezing

This is what you get when you park your car anywhere in the parking lot where I live - Pollen everywhere!!!

This picture is just one afternoon's worth of the nasty yellowish-green stuff that attaches itself like a magnet to whatever's in its path.

It's all over the asphalt, entryways, roofs and stairways at my apartment. I am doomed. Absolutely finished. Sniff, sniff!

Oh, and this picture is of the culprit. The nasty little catterpillar-looking things that hang down from the tree limbs.

These trees are ALL OVER the place here. I wish I knew what kind of trees they are - seems like I would remember that sort of thing after my leaf collection project in high school biology ... At any rate, I hate these trees.

Just wondering if it's this bad everywhere else - or is it just my luck here in Chattanooga to be tormented with the stuff?

I really could do without.