Friday, April 29, 2005

Cats and credit cards

Apparently, my desk is no longer soley my domain. Until recently, it was the only place I could sit and do whatever I liked without a certain furball having to jump right in front of me.

Times have changed. Anna has realized that the desk is quite the perfect place for her to relax. Why, I don't know ... considering it's usually littered with heaps of papers and general messiness.

When I try to move her, she becomes as heavy as lead. It's like she's pushing down as hard as she can so I can't remove her from her prized spot. She's determined. Too bad I'm stronger than she is. Hahahaha (evil laughter).

At any rate, not much new is going on here. Well, besides ID theft scares thanks to some asshole hacker who tapped into Georgia Southern University's online bookstore Saturday night and quite possibly could be using my credit and good name all over the world at this point.

I've done everything they told me I could do ... canceled credit card numbers, tacked a fraud alert to my credit report (how scary does that sound?!?), but I still don't feel at ease. This is the stuff that ruins peoples' lives. And it makes me want to figure out a way to use cash for everything.

So, basically I have to sit back and wait to see if things are going to be all right. I'm terrible at waiting, and waiting for news about my financial status is not something that makes me happy. So, my mood lately has been jittery at best.