Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Evenings ...

I don't get many of them with my work schedule. But when I do, rarely are they as perfect as tonight was.

Not that I did anything spectacular. It was just a Stacey kind of evening.

To summarize:

* Chicken wrap for dinner - with all the goodies ... garlic herb grilled chicken, cheddar, Tomatoes, lettuce, ranch dressing all wrapped up in a spinach tortilla. Add a Diet Coke and ZING! You've got my favorite quick dinner/lunch/snack these days.

* One minor indulgence - Cinnamon streusel muffin - still hot from the oven. Jim gets the rest of them tomorrow. Lucky guy, because those things rock.

* Pilates. No video - I hate that video. Mari Winsor gets on my nerves, and those people who are planted atop those ridiculous platforms doing what she says make me mad. I don't know why - but they do, and so I do it on my own. And it was a great little workout. Feeling sore - but the good sore.

* Candles. Lots of 'em lit all over the place.

* "Sex and the City" - Back in the day when I had HBO and they were still filming this glorious show, I would never miss it. Thank God TBS picked it up. It's kind of comical to watch the toned-down version, but it's good nonetheless.

* Open windows all day and all night. Fresh air (well, minus the pollen) is my favorite thing about springtime. Give me an Allegra and a few open windows and I'm a happy camper.

That's it so far. Woo!