Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Garden surprise

Jim's house has a rather large back yard and a good-sized front yard, too. Last summer, with all the renovation work he was having done, yard work was the last thing on his mind. But leaves had piled up, hedges were in desperate need of a good shaping and the back yard area was just way too over grown.

It was time to do something about the yard, so we took a weekend and dove right in to leaves, hedges, flower pots and tangled vines. Well into day 2 of Garden Fest 2004, I decided to take on the "landscaping" on the side of the house.

Where there should have been flowers and some hedges, there was just more brown leaves - about a foot deep. So, after attempting to rake the area out and failing miserably because the leaves were just so packed in there, I opted to get down on my knees and pull the mess out with my hands.

All went fine for, say, the first hour.

Then it happened.

I reached down to grab more leaves and felt something move in my hand. I looked down and when I realized exactly what it was that was edging its way around the back of my hand, I let out the most nightmarish, bloody-murder scream fit for a horror movie.

It was a SNAKE ... a snake that promptly went flying into the air and as far away from me as I could possibly fling it. Had there been an Olympic sport called "snake throwing," I would've won the gold medal.

I don't like snakes. They hiss and slither and have big fangs and latch on to people with those fangs. And they don't have legs - that's the most shady thing about snakes, if you ask me. In short, snakes creep me out and I don't want anything to do with them, and I especially don't want to hold one in my hand!!

So Jim, who was in the back yard at the time of the great snake catastrophe, came running around the house to see if I still had all four limbs or if I was alive, for that matter. What he found was a very distraught Stacey jumping around the yard like a crazy lady.

I was done with the yard work.

That was all it took. The rest of the afternoon was spent planting flowers in pots on his front steps. I didn't touch leaves, grass, shrubs or anything else on the ground. I was not going to risk meeting the snake's family members who very well could be hiding close by.

And thus ends my snake story that I promised Eddie a long time ago.