Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gross post

Disclaimer: Don't read this if snot, chapped skin and/or blood grosses you out.

Now, for all you fearless souls - I'm in a bind. A dilemma that's got my eyes welling up with tears every time I touch my nose or move it the wrong way. It's really odd and rather gross, but I've got a chapped nose!!

After months of sinus and allergy problems - involving a lot of gooey nose running - somehow the inside of my snozer has become so chapped that it cracks, peels and bleeds. Saline spay only goes so far to alleviate the pain. Allergy medicine takes away the sneezing, but the chappiness refuses to go away!

I need a cure. And I need one fast.

Or, by God, I will cut off my nose despite my face.