Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nancy Grace, you've been punk'd!

If there's one "newscaster" these days that I can't stand to listen to, much less cast my eyes upon, it's CNN's Nancy Grace.

The woman takes sleazeball journalism to an all new low - no one can be innocent, and heaven forbid someone have a differing view on a case than she does. It's her show, and by God, no one can get a word in edgewise.

After being bombarded with coverage of the Georgia bride-to-be who apparently got cold feet and ran to New Mexico to escape the mounting pressure of a gigantic wedding/social event, I'm reveling in the fact that little miss know-it-all Nancy Grace was quite literally dead-wrong.

I caught a portion of her show Thursday night in which she had the case figured out. Here's a snippet of the transcript ... But first, imagine the intensity on her face when she talks. Her brows furrowed, her finger pointed at the camera and that thick Southern drawl beating you upside the head.

JONATHAN FREED, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The police chief did address that issue about whether this could be a case of cold feet today. And he said, well, the longer that this goes on, the quicker that that theory is dwindling.

NANCY GRACE: Well, look, I don`t have a degree in being a police chief. But I can tell you this much: This is not cold feet, all right? This is not cold feet. I know that much. Thank you, to everyone. Quick break. We`ll be right back.

And this is the way she handles things - she boldly makes her point - and then cuts to commercial. Granted, this was another CNN anchor she was talking to, but in many cases it's the guest who is left sitting there without a chance at a rebuttal. I don't have a clue as to why her show is so popular considering she doesn't give people half a chance to present another view.

And have you ever heard of a "degree in being a police chief"? That's a new one to me ...