Thursday, April 21, 2005

Skinny legs, tight pants and expensive bikes

There's just something about a guy in ultra tight pants who rides a bike that costs more than my car is worth. I was lucky enough to witness about 100 said guys today in Rome at the Tour de Georgia.

High up on that list of those incredible athletes is Lance Armstrong, pictured here (at top) coming in to the finish during time trials this afternoon.

It had been raining like crazy, but Jim and I stuck it out to the end. It's not like we really had the option of leaving, considering this will be the last time we'll get the opportunity to see Lance compete before his retirement this year.

I'm incredibly tired and have a long trip to Virginia ahead of me bright and early tomorrow morning, so if you want to see more pictures, they're up on my Flickr photo pages. There's several good close ups of some cyclists that Jim took with his new fancy-shmancy camera. (Yeah, I'm still jealous!)