Sunday, April 03, 2005

Taking a breather

There are few advantages to not having the same set schedule at work every week - BUT one wonderful thing about it is that if I request off Friday and Saturday one week and Sunday and Monday for the next week, I've got FOUR days off in a row without having to take vacation time. That is what I'm in the middle of right now, and it's been spectacular!

Friday I went to Rome, Ga., to visit my dad and stepmother. I had some much-needed work done on my car while I was there at my dad's mechanic, who thankfully is trustworthy and inexpensive! That's a combination that seems to be rare these days.

Saturday morning and afternoon I did nothing all day. I mean nothing at all. Lazy bum - that was me!! I was in my pajamas until I got ready to go out last night with some friends. It was great!

That afternoon Jim stopped by to show me his latest grand purchase - which I am completely envious of ... a brand new digital camera (I can't remember what model it is, but it's the Pentax version of the Nikon D70). It is incredible - the photos are so crisp and clean. He got a steal for the price he paid, considering they had a promotional offer that included an additional killer lense for free and he gets free photography classes, as well.

So, Saturday night Jim and I met Holly, Waide and Keith out at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks while we watched basketball. Very fun. But so cold! We almost froze to death at BW3 - they had the air conditioner on and blasting arctic air right on our table all night. Nevermind the fact that the temperature outside was in the 40s. Made no sense whatsoever.

Today I have no plans, and it's wonderful. No plans tomorrow, either. Yippppeeeeee!!!!