Monday, May 30, 2005

Casket cam?

There are a number of blogs and websites I frequent, and I always enjoy taking a look at other sites people link to.

So tonight I clicked on something over at one of my regular haunts, Zazzafooky. Intrigued by the title, See Me Rot, I had to know if it was was what I thought it might be ...

Oh yeah, it was.

Someone supposedly has rigged a camera inside a casket - with a dead body inside, buried six feet under. Now, the logistics of this are interesting, but I guess it's possible ... The woman apparently was 41 years old and looks much like she's asleep.

So I wonder if it's real? I tend to believe anything a person tells me, which kind of sucks when people figure it out and get their kicks from seeing how far they can take a story, but man ... this website will hold my attention for months to come. As sick as it is, this sort of thing fascinates me ... a lot.

But, death is by far my No. 1 biggest fear. I don't want to die, and I'm petrified of the thought that one day I'll be lying in a casket of my very own. I don't want people seeing me dead and pale. But I have always wondered about just how long you're in one piece. Pretty morbid, I guess, but I can't help but wonder.

Maybe, if this site is legit, I'll see it first-hand. But something tells me this can't be real ... Unless this woman's only been dead a day or so - she's holding up quite well.