Thursday, May 19, 2005

CSI right next door

My neighbor, a smiley man who always wears sharp black suits, drives this van. Look closely, and you'll see a magnet affixed to the back door that says "FORENSIC TRANSPORT."

When he and his wife first moved into our apartment complex a few months ago, the other neighbors and I wondered what exactly this guy did for a living ... did he work for the police department as an investigator? Was he a crime scene clean-up guy, or was the magnet some sort of bizarre joke?

A couple of times I saw him outside with an official looking black T-shirt that read "CORONER" in bold yellow letters. So, I assumed he worked for the coroner's office. But one day I caught a glipse of the back of that same shirt and it read, "We're here for your body." Ha, ha. Very funny. But the mystery continues.

I walk past this van every night when I get home from work late at night. Sometimes it creeps me out - because I'm a wussy that way. I just wonder what kind of forensics that van has transported. *shiver*