Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exciting life of Stacey

Well, I really have absolutely nothing to blog about, but at the risk of losing my 1 or 2 regular readers, I'll fill you in on the past day or so:

Monday: Off
* Woke up late
* Went to Target where I made an inexcusable music purchase which I shall not divulge at this time (or ever).
* Went to the grocery store and only spent $21 - I was very proud. And no, I did not buy one package of Ramon Noodles.
* Cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. It looks fantabulous.
* Made brownies with icing! Mmmmm...
* Didn't watch any TV. None at all!
* Did, however, manage to waste about 3 hours on the computer (I'm terribly ashamed)

Tuesday: Not off
* Woke up late feeling like I'd just emerged from a 10-year coma. Must've slept very hard last night.
* Grilled some chicken on my trusty George Foreman grill (which I could never live without).
* Watched yet another show on VH1 that details the lives of the rich and famous ... felt a bit pathetic looking around my little apartment.
* Learned that if I were a Smurf, my name would be Flopsy Mopsy Smurf. Find out what your Smurf name would be here.
* Wrote an entire blog post about nothing.