Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Adventures in shopping

I'm a natural shoppaholic - it's in the genes, thanks to my mother - who taught me everything I know about the ins and outs of finding a good deal. (Thanks, Mom!!)

It doesn't matter what I'm looking for, just point me to the mall, boutique, warehouse, etc., and I'm good.

Today I got the chance to help spend someone else's money - which is really my favorite kind of shopping since it doesn't affect my measly checkbook. Jim's mother (who rocks) is footing the bill for a new sofa for his birthday. Anything he wants, all Jim has to do is pick it out. Nice, eh?

So, Jim and I took the afternoon and headed to a handful of furniture stores in town. There's so much to choose from, but I've become a fan of the soft microsuede fabrics - especially in R-E-D! I mean, why not?!?

After scoffing at first, I think I have almost sold Jim on the fantastically bold statement that would do an amazing job of brightening up his livingroom. But there's only one tiny problem ... now I want one!