Monday, June 13, 2005

I deserve china, crystal AND a new toaster, too!

In the last year or so I've purchased God knows how many items from various gift registries. Weddings, engagements and babies are worthy of gift giving, no doubt. And I'm always excited to see what people have selected for their new paths in life.

But damn! What about those of us who are approaching 30 with no wedding in site, and definitely no babies around the bend? Do we not deserve fine china? What about new towels? And my toaster is about shot - you'd think we'd deserve a new toaster. I'd love a new set of sheets. And I could use some new everyday dinnerware, while we're at it.

I think if anyone should be showered with gifts it's those of us who are single. If you think about it, we don't have combined incomes, so we have less money than those who are married.

AND we're stuck having to explain why we're not married yet, why we haven't had children yet and when, for the love of God, are we going to settle down.

If dealing with that kind of rapid-fire questioning isn't enough to warrant a present here and there, i don't know what is ...

And what about the family discounts we're missing out on? And then there's the coming home to an empty apartment every night. How sad is that?!?

So, think I should petition the department stores on behalf of all us single folks who deserve our own gift registries. I think it's only fair that we're treated to the finer things in life, too. I mean, geez, everyone needs a good can opener, right?!? :)