Sunday, June 05, 2005

Macy's, Mr. Clean and me

This weekend I managed to get Friday and Saturday nights off, which never happens unless I've requested those specific days. Which, it turns out I had.

It took me a while to figure out why I'd taken those two nights off, and then it hit me ... my 10-year high school class reunion was Saturday. I chose not to go, and instead had a very "Stacey" weekend. What could be better?!?

Friday I woke up early and headed down to Atlanta for some shopping. First up: Macy's.

I really, really, really wish Chattanooga had a Macy's. I spent over two hours in that store alone, and I think I could have stayed another hour at least.

But, my mission was to find Allison a gift for her bridal shower, so I headed over to the gift registry computer and printed out their requests. With the help of a super nice sales clerk, I found what I was looking for and made my purchase. After I had the gift wrapped I was ready to do some major shopping for myself.

There were sales everywhere - I was in heaven!! 50 percent off here, 25 percent off there, take an extra 15 percent off the already reduced price, etc. I must have tried on 20 outfits and God knows how many shoes, but it was loads of fun. Amid all the sales and craziness, I managed to pick up two shirts, a pair of jeans and a pair of trousers for next to nothing. I think I did well.

But after about seven hours of nonstop shopping, my feet were killing me (stupid me didn't wear appropriate shopping shoes). So, I found my car and hit the road back to Chattanooga, where I promptly sat down and didn't budge from my sofa all night.

Saturday was spent having lunch with my friend Angie, who was celebrating her birthday, and then heading over to Jim's house for some serious spring cleaning.

Curtains were taken down and washed, floors were swept and mopped, windows were cleaned, furniture was pulled out and vacuumed behind, knick-knacks were dusted and the bathrooms were transformed into spotless, gleaming porcelain havens.

We worked our butts off. The house looked incredible and it was time for dinner. So I drove home, showered and got ready to go out. We ended up at Fox and Hound where we had a couple drinks and dinner. Afterward, we headed back to my apartment where I made it almost all the way through Saturday Night Live and then crashed on my sofa.

It was a busy, tiring weekend, but I loved it!