Friday, June 03, 2005

Steppin' out, Steppin' back

Last night I got off work a little earlier than usual, so I met a few people out at Chattanooga's newest bar. I think the place was called Midtown.

The hip looking, plasma TV-filled bar was doing some serious business with the college crowd. Considering the campus borders lie only a few blocks away, it was to be expected. But what I didn't expect to see was the fashion choices some of these kids were making. It was like I was transported back to the sixties and seventies.

Don't get me wrong, they looked great, and I'm secretly jealous that there's no way I could pull of what these girls were doing. Cute little dresses, some with plunging necklines and bright colors, beaded tanktops and so forth were everywhere.

And when did college kids get so skinny? The group at this new place (at the risk of stereotyping) looked to be the sorority/fraternity crowd. The guys had their perfectly messy hair, and the girls were just plain perfect - supermodel thin and supermodel fashion-forward.

Back all those five years ago when I was still in college, the Greeks were a motley crew. The majority were a lot like the kids I saw last night, but there were the requisite chunky guys and gals ... even a few who were obviously way too chunky.

But today isn't everyone so much thinner? Or is it that I'm so much bigger?

On that note, I'm off to Atlanta for a day of shopping. Maybe I'll come home with some back-from-the-past fashions.