Friday, July 01, 2005

Dinner and a movie

First off, thank you guys for all the nice things you said about my new look! I'm still lovin' it and really loved every last one of your comments. Thanks!!
Yesterday, after going with Jim and his mother to a whopper of a furniture mall to place an order for his new *RED* microsuede sofa (insert cheers here!), Jim and I headed over to Fox and Hound for dinner and drinks. Only I didn't really feel like drinking, so instead I guzzled about 5 or 6 Diet Cokes over the course of two hours.

Thank goodness I didn't go for the hard liquor, otherwise I may not have noticed that my chicken wasn't fully cooked in the center when I received my entree. That always gives me the heebee-jeebees and when I get my fully cooked order back, I'm usually reluctant to sink my teeth into what I have seen raw. But I was starving, so that was no problem.

After dinner Jim and I went to see "War of the Worlds". With all of Tom Cruise's recent antics, I hadn't really wanted to contribute to his empire of wackiness, but the movie had already piqued my interest so I decided it was worth it.

It was my kind of movie (which you won't hear me say often). Lots of action, no zombies, a bunch of crazy alien things and plenty of cool effects. Dakota Fanning, who plays Tom Cruise's little girl, is incredible. I've seen her in several movies before this one, and she is such an amazing actress. And to see her on Letterman and other shows is like listening to a hip adult in a little girl's body. Very odd, yet impressive.

The only thing about the movie I didn't care for was its ending. Well, the endng that Spielberg came up with (the basic plot's ending was just like the book's) ... it was way too far-fetched, weak and just doesn't fit with the rest of the movie. Spielberg could have done much better. But besides that, it was a really great movie.

Enjoy your holiday weekend! I can't wait to get mine started!