Monday, July 25, 2005

How we were

I was talking to one of my old college roommates a couple nights ago about some of our crazy stories from our days at Georgia Southern, and we both realized it's been so long since our entire gang was in the same room together.

Five years ago, I know I couldn't possibly fathom not hanging out with these guys every day. We went to school together, worked together and many of us lived in the same house - there were some incredible times and some not so incredible times. But, man, do I have some stories that could keep you entertained for days. (And, no, most of 'em I won't tell.)

I dug up this picture the other night after Mike and I talked. Here you have me, Scott, Mike, Vanessa and Aaron - after the initial stages of our cake fight ... but before all hell broke loose.

You see, any time there was cake, alcohol and our group under the same roof, there was bound to be a cake fight. As silly as it seems now, we just couldn't resist smacking people with icing.

On this particular occasion, we had thrown Mike a surprise birthday party. Most everyone had gone home, and I'm guessing this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning, though the details are a bit fuzzy now. I don't remember who started it (maybe Kelley or Scott will remember), but I do remember how it ended ...

Kelley snapped this picture just as things were about to heat up. I had turned around to start helping Kelley and Vanessa clean up the wicked mess we'd made in the dining room when Mike slapped something nasty from the fridge on my head (I don't remember what it was ... man, I'm getting old). Then, 3-day-old coffee was poured on Mike. He retaliated with Kool-Aid, and then, not to be outdone - I ended the fight ...

I reached waaaay back into the fridge and grabbed the most vile, stinky product I could find ... Milk that had expired 4 months before. I popped the lid, and when Mike wasn't looking, I glugged the clumpy mess on top of his head. Oh, it was terrible.

Watching in the other room, Kelley, Scott, Vanessa and Aaron just stood there for a minute with their mouths dropped to the floor. Then, once the odor hit the dining room, the area was cleared and Mike and I were left to move the area rug outside, run for the showers and then clean up the horrid mess we'd made. And we were drunk, so you can imagine how fun that was ... But we eventually got the place cleaned up, and the smell only lasted a couple days.

Although I really don't have the desire to relive our infamous cake fights, I do miss my GSU crew. Both Mike and I have hectic work schedules (though his is much more glamorous than mine ... see what he does here), but we've decided this is the year to get everyone back together for one weekend of madness like we used to have every weekend in college.

When that'll be, I don't know - but hopefully it'll happen ... and soon.