Friday, July 29, 2005

Pretzels, anyone?

I'm typically a pretty brand-loyal person. For instance, when it comes to ice cream - it's got to be Mayfield all the way. If you're talking mac & cheese, I'll have Kraft shells and cheese, please. Only Viva paper towels are in my pantry. And for my cat, her breakfast, lunch and dinner is always Cat Chow.

But there are other products out there that I'm less devoted to, namely cat litter. In my never-ending quest to find a litter that lives up to its claims of odor control, I'm willing to try anything. With that in mind, I picked up this stuff, Feline Pine, the other day at Food Lion.

Last night I went to change out Anna's litter and got a bit of a surprise when I opened the bag of the new stuff. I swear to you, it looks like little pretzel sticks. Almost good enough to eat ... only they smelled like wood, which isn't so appetizing.
Anna watched as I poured the little pine pellet things into her litter box and looked up at me as if to say, "Lady, you've finally lost your marbles ... would YOU want to use the bathroom in that?!!?"

Can't say that I would.

So now, 12 hours later, she's yet to use this new stuff, and I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't revolt and head for an area rug instead of the pretzel litter.

Hope you're not having pretzels for lunch ... if you are, I'm sorry if I've grossed you out. I was just fascinated by the stuff.