Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wedding adventures

What I learned from my best friend's wedding:

* I have a new desire to get a pedicure every week.
* High, high, high heels are of the devil.
* I suck at catching bouquets.


This past weekend was lots of fun and super busy. It all started Friday morning with manicures and pedicures with the bridal party (pictured here). It's been several years since I've had a full-on spa pedicure, and let me just say that I'll never wait that long again. It's wonderful, and my toes are so pretty!

As far as the manicure, I'd never had one - basically because I'm not a nail polish girl. But we decided to do french manicures, and they turned out great. Though, I'm not used to having to be careful with my nails, so within an hour I'd already messed one up. But all was well.

After the pampering at the salon, the girls (Allison, Lisa, Leanza and me) met up with Allison's mother, grandmother and Luigi's mother. We had lunch at the Veach House, which was sooo good. I'd never met Luigi's family, so it was nice to chat with his sister (Lisa) and mom.

Later that evening, we gathered at the church for the rehearsal. Then it was off to dinner at Rosabell Manor, which is where Allison and Luigi's reception would be held the next day. The place was beautiful! Roses lined the brick walkway to the front door. Inside the house, which looked like it was built in the 1800s, everything was antique and period. While I'm not a huge fan of antiques, Rosabell was gorgeous.

And I had THE BEST dessert that night ... chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. Sounds kind of gross, but man, it was incredible. Mmmmm ...

After the dinner, I flew home and crashed at Dad's house. But before I went to bed, I asked him to wake me between 7:45 and 8 a.m. Saturday morning. To know my dad is to know that the man can't sleep past 5 a.m. without being knocked out on sleeping pills (which never happens, so he's always up by 5 a.m.). So, I had no issue with relying on him to wake me instead of setting an alarm clock.

Fast forward to 8:35 Saturday morning ... Dad is standing over the bed saying I may want to start thinking about waking up. I roll over and ask him to come back in 5 minutes. He tells me I may want to go ahead and get up now. That's when I ask, "What time is it?" ... His reply sprung me out of bed, down the hall and into the shower in 10 seconds flat.

How is it that the one time that I need to be somewhere early, my dad doesn't wake me up?!? Later that day when I asked why he'd let me oversleep his reply was, "Well, you looked so restful." Sweet, but the timing was wrong.

On to the church I went and got myself ready, then did Leanza's hair. Allison arrived about an hour later from the hair salon and we helped her get into her gown and ready for her big day.

The ceremony was perfect - well, with one minor glitch. Poor Leanza fell up the steps to the pulpit area at the start of the ceremony. But, she was down and up within a matter of 3 seconds. Better her than me, I say ... considering I was in 4-inch heels and could barely walk, much less get myself off the steps without doing major damage!

After the ceremony we headed to Rosabell and had lunch and enjoyed your basic wedding reception ... minus alcohol, which was a bit of a downer for me (considering the DJ was less than cool). If you're going to play bad music, I'm going to need some booze to get my booty on the dance floor.

The cake was cut, the garter was thrown and it was time for Allison to toss her bouquet. It was pretty much known by everyone at the reception that Allison's aim was me. I'm the last of everyone to get married, and by God, it's GOT to happen sometime. So, I prepared to catch that bouquet - nothing was going to stop me. ... Except a fiery redhead who practically jumped over me to snatch the flowers from the air. Heck, if she wants it that bad, who am I to stop her?

After all was said and done, I had a truly excellent time, my feet were swollen and my bones were tired. I think that spells a successful wedding, don't you?