Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weekend tidbits

Because I'm too lazy to chronicle all the events that transpired over the last four days I've had off, here's a brief rundown of the high points. Try to stay awake, OK?

* Threw a successful bridal shower that included tons of food and lots of great gifts. Too bad they weren't for me!

* Celebrated the Fourth of July on two days ... July 2 and July 4. Both were good times. One included fireworks, the other did not. Although, the homemade ice cream and blueberry cobbler more than made up for the lack of explosives on the 2nd.

* Enjoyed some fiery Buffalo wings and beer with Jim while watching the Braves game and making fun of some crazy preppy dude who thought he was stylin' in pastel plaid patchwork pants. Yes, I'm serious ... pastel ... plaid ... patchwork ... pants.

That's it. Now I think I may go to bed so I can be well-rested for the nine days of work I have staring me in the eyes. *shudder*