Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The caffeine made me do it

I somehow managed to sqeak through high school and college without succumbing to the allure of coffee - even during those late-night study sessions, midmorning breaks from class or to help soothe those wicked hangovers that come after a night of margaritas and beer.

Of course, it probably helped that where I went to school in South Georgia there were no Starbucks or other trendy coffeehouses most college towns are inundated with these days. But regardless, I doubt I'd have been sucked in by their hip advertising and wonderful aromas - simply because the taste of coffee was, well, just gross to my young tastebuds.

As we know, time changes things. What once was ruled out as "disgusting" often becomes appetizing. I absolutely loathed peas as a child, and now I have been known to crave the little devils with steak (something else I never thought I'd enjoy). But I never, ever thought I would one day crave coffee.

I've relied on Diet Coke for years now to give me that extra "oomph" on days where my brain just couldn't function without the help of my sacred caffeine. But lately, Diet Coke hasn't been doing it for me anymore.

Enter: Coffee. (and work coffee, at that!) *gasp*

It's been a few months now that I've been making my way back to the break room when the going gets tough to pour myself a cup of alertness - loaded with cream and sugar so as to dissolve the bitter twang. And now I'm beginning to think I've been missing out all these years.

That thought was emphasized the other afternoon in Barnes & Noble, where Jim was enjoying a frozen mocha frappucino from the Starbucks counter - complete with whipped creme on top! It was pretty and smelled de-lish ... A few minutes later, lo, and behold, Jim gave me a sip, and it was spectacular. Mmmm ...

I've been craving one ever since. I'm in love with coffee and all things in between.