Thursday, August 04, 2005

A furry find

Funny how things happen sometimes ...

Yesterday afternoon, I made the off-handed comment that I thought Jim needed a kitten. Yesterday evening, Jim had himself just that - a little grey kitten, not even 6 weeks old.

It all started out innocently enough. I love cats, and despite what some of you think (ahem ... JG), cats can be really sweet little creatures. I'm forever telling Jim he could use another cat (he's got one already), but being the practical being that he is, my suggestions always are rebuffed.

So, yesterday evening we were on our way to the grocery store. We had just rounded the corner in my parking lot when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a little grey furball running around on the pavement (which happened to be the same color she was). That's when I slammed on the brakes, gasped at Jim, "Ohhhh my goodness, there's a kitten!!" and stopped the car.

Knowing what he was in for, but being a trooper all the same, Jim flung open the car door and jumped out of the car ready to see about this little kitten.

After a few minutes of corralling the little tuft of fur, Jim emerged from the hedges with a very vocal kitten clutched to his arm. She was so tiny, but her mother was no where in site.

So, we went to the closest apartment, knocked on the door and talked to a lady who said she had been feeding the kitten. She told us its mother was an orange cat (how odd) that had left her nearby, but that she couldn't afford to keep the kitten. (Our landlord charges a monstrous pet fee) She said it would be a blessing if we could find it a good home, and that sealed the deal.

With a bit of a sigh and a smile creeping across Jim's face, we left - kitten in tow.

So now Jim's got the kitten - who is in great shape and did quite well last night - that I've been hounding him about, but there's one slight problem.

She needs a name!

We'd like to give her a good, strong name - nothing silly or frilly. "Grace" is what seems to be winning so far, but we're still thinking and are considering any suggustions we get. So, if you have an idea, let me know!