Sunday, August 14, 2005

How to make me piping hot mad

After much research I've just learned that my insurance company of 12 years has been bilking me, and I mean big time. I'd been a bit curious for the last year or so as to why my rates seemed to be higher than I thought they should be, but each time I asked my agent about my policy, I was quickly told that I had "a greeeaaaat rate" and that I really shouldn't be concerned.

Well, I was concerned. And now my concern has grown to anger. And tomorrow I will be marching myself down to my agent for some answers. And believe me, "you have a greeeaaat rate" is not what I will be looking for.

Those of you who know me know I'm not at all a confrontational person - sometimes this is a fault of mine because I tend to let things ride way too long. But you all would be proud because this is something I will not put up with. Wish me luck for tomorrow ... I'm not so good these sorts of situations, but something has got to be done.

Man, am I furious.