Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A thrill a minute

Besides rounding up quotes from insurance companies, my days have been pretty boring lately.

This is what I've done with my "valuable" time in the last two days:
* Spent over 2 hours in Barnes & Noble and walked out with n-o-t-h-i-n-g. I thought that was impossible, but apparently it's not. I'm in desperate need of book suggestions, so if you have any throw 'em out!
* Went to Old Navy, where they have some super cute fall clothes. Fell in love with a pink top and bought it even though I really needed to be saving my money for my trip to Virginia next week. Oh well, when fashion calls, you can't just walk away!!
* Worked yesterday, which went by really quickly. That's always nice.
* Woke up bright and early this morning thanks to a phone call from a friend's daycare employee who wanted me to come get my my friend's 9-month-old son. An emergency? Nope. Diarrhea. I have no car seat, I have no baby things and I have no idea why they called me after only having tried reaching my friend at work ONE TIME. I told the lady that she should try calling my friend again at the office, and if she couldn't reach her in 30 minutes to call me back. Thank God she didn't call me back.
* Since I was up early this morning (before the blazing sun was in full effect), I decided to clean out the inside of my car in preparation for my trip to Virginia next week. It's amazing what accumulates under the seats after a couple years of not looking ... a magazine from Sept. 2004, lip balm, lots of change, pens galore, sunglasses that I thought I'd lost forever and various other items. I vacuumed the carpet, Armor-Alled the interior, cleaned the windows and even scrubbed the seats with carpet cleaner. At least I feel somewhat productive today.
* Next up: Go to work. Woo.

And there you have it. Hope your days have been more exciting than mine!