Sunday, August 28, 2005

Time flies

I can't believe I'm already home after such an outstanding weekend in Virginia. It feels wonderful to be in my cozy apartment, but it was so hard to leave Lynchburg this morning after having such a fun time with my family.

My main reason for making the trek to central Virginia was to go to the Sugarland concert with my mother, who was dying to see them live but wouldn't hit the club scene alone. So, not one to pass up live music ... especially when it comes to one of my longtime favorite singers - Jennifer Nettles - I agreed to hit the road.

Battling high gas prices, semi-truck mania and the blazing heat proved to be worth my while - we had such a good time at the show.

The place was crammed full of fans, and Jennifer opened up the show singing not a country song, but one by none other than Sting. More than a few confused looks were exchanged between the cowboy hat- and boot-wearing crowd, but pretty soon they were having a good ol' time. Soon the country twang kicked in and there was some serious cowboy dancin' going on. Ha! Fun times!

It was such a cool night, but I won't go into every detail - too many to tell about! But I will say that some of these country folks have interesting clothing choices ... I saw one guy sporting a coral button-up shirt with tassels for buttons and another man who looked quite desperate wearing a T-shirt that read in bold letters "For Sale". I don't think there were any takers that night.

Besides the show, there was much shopping and lots of great food. There's nothing better than home cookin', that's for sure!

Now, I think I might just crash on my sofa for a while!