Monday, September 12, 2005

Camera envy

You know that Natalie Merchant song, "Jealousy" ... Well, that could aptly be the theme song for my state of mind recently. I know, that's bad ... very bad. But I just can't help being full-out green with envy when it comes to my friends suddenly deciding at the same time to purchase super fine digital SLRs.

It all started several months ago when Jim arrived on my doorstep with a shiney new Pentax ist DS2. I was shocked that he didn't go with the Nikon D70, which he'd researched thoroughly and had nearly purchased online on several occasions. But soon after we'd pulled it out of its box, attached the lens and did a cursory flip through the owner's manual, we were snapping pictures left and right - and MAN did they look awesome!

I was in love. Soon, I was asking to go on drives just so we could stop and take pictures of pretty things here and there. We went to Lookout Mountain where I found a jungle of hidden treasures just waiting for me to photograph them. I was in heaven ... But alas, the camera was not mine and therefore at the end of the day it was gone. I've visted the camera several times and have actually been allowed to take a picture here and there when I go to Jim's house. But it's just not the same.

Next up was Scott, who called and left me a message on my voicemail several weeks ago that made me want to pull him through the phone, snatch his brand-new Canon Digital Rebel and run like the wind.

So, that's two friends who've made the move into awesome cameraland. ... A land that's filled with lovely scenery and vivid colors, tons of subjects and perfect lighting.

Then, today at work an absolutely beaming Megan tells me she and Barry became the proud owners of a D70 over the weekend. And they've got a perfect excuse for buying a great camera ... Go check out their pictures of Chattababy - they're be-aut!

So, now I think it's my turn to get my hands on one. I neeeeeed a nice camera. I would be sooooo happy. So, for Christmas, you all know what to get me.

I'll be waiting. ;-)