Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Feelin' the burn

I've just finished my first real workout on my highly technical new exercise bike, and man, my legs are quite wobbly. But I feel surprisingly great.

Thanks to a bunch of different bells and whistles, I can literally watch as the calories burn away, carbs are dropped and my heart rate rises. The machine even tells me if I'm going too slow (thanks to an annoying series of beeps).

The calorie indicator is my new best friend - and mortal enemy. It's great to watch the number of calories I've burned go up, but it's also made me realize how much work it takes to get rid of that evil mid-afternoon snack or that extra serving of mac 'n cheese at dinner ... nevermind the huge bowl of ice cream I've grown accustomed to eating every night when I get home from work - just before I go to bed (eek!!).

I'm thinking this machine will work me in two ways - physically and mentally. Sure, I'll sweat bullets and drop calories working out, but I think it'll also make me think twice about what I'm eating from now on.

I'm excited to get this started. God knows it's been a long time coming, and I really hope to trim down before my Bahamas trip in February. I think it's doable. Woo!