Monday, September 26, 2005

Wonders of the walk-in

Jen over at For the Birds has tagged me, and so here I am telling you all about my closet. It's quite riveting, actually.

So, here it goes:

Three Random Facts About My Closet:
1) There really are too many clothes in there
2) My cat is infatuated with my closet
3) I've accidentally locked her in there several times

Three Items I've Never Worn But Still Haven't Tossed:
1) A sundress I bought for a vacation a few years ago ... I suddenly thought it looked old-ladyish
2) A red Old Navy shirt that when I got home and put it on made me look pregnant
3) A cute straw hat I bought for vacation that was a pain to wear

Three Items I'll Never Get Rid Of, No Matter How Ugly They Get:
I've only got one ... it was my favorite shirt in high school. Still super comfy and holding up quite nice after 10-plus years.

Three Items People Wouldn't Expect To Find In My Closet:
1) An artificial christmas tree
2) Pet taxi
3) Candles

Three items that made me go, "Oh Lord, what was I thinking?":
1) Tweed skirt that is just awful
2) The red Old Navy pregnant shirt
3) Blue jeans that are practically bell bottoms

Three things that I have a surprising number of:
1) Jeans (most of which I don't wear)
2) Tank tops (I wear 'em around the house, but not in public because my arms are getting really ugly!)
3) Pink shirts (I have no idea what's happened to me)

Three dominant colors in my wardrobe:
1) Black
2) PINK!!
3) Blue

Three items that never fail to put me in a good mood whenever I wear them:
1) Any pair of sandals
2) PJs
3) My light grey capris

Exciting stuff, I know. I think I'm supposed to tag someone at the end of this, but I'll leave it up to you if you want to tell the world about the contents of your closets! :) Oh, and if you haven't paid a visit to For the Birds, go there now. It's good stuff.