Friday, October 21, 2005

Eating right ...

... and liking it?!?

It's amazing what just over a month of eating healthier will do to the way you look at foods you once didn't think twice about eating.

Man, did I have really terrible eating habits. Because I work nights, it wasn't uncommon for me to stop by Taco Bell on my way home from the office for my midnight "dinner." And then there were the ice cream parties I threw for myself on a regular basis. (I was the only one invited, of course. ... We wouldn't want everyone to know just how much ice cream one girl could eat in a sitting.) And that leads to my portions ... How I didn't gain 100 lbs. a year blows my mind. I would just keep eating - even after my stomach felt full.

I'm amazed at how foods I once craved regularly are now actually kind of disgusting to me. Taco Bell and Burger King have completely lost their appeal. I will admit that I would LOVE a Wendy's sour cream and chives baked potato with loads of butter, but I'm not giving in to that temptaton. But, put a candy bar in front of me, and I can honestly say I'm not tempted. It's insane.

Whereas I once hated salads, I love them now. Fresh veggies and fruits are so good - how did I not know this before? Trips to the grocery store are fun now that I'm discovering new foods, and I never would have thought I'd enjoy grocery shopping.

I really hope this lasts. It's kind of neat to surprise yourself sometimes.