Monday, October 17, 2005

Money, money, money

I always seem to need more of it. And I mean need - not want.

I guess the majority of my issues come with driving a not-so-new car - A car that seems to require the most expensive parts than most foreign and domestic cars. And break-downs always seem to come at the worst possible time.

Then there's the times when everything seems to be going right and you think you might be able to splurge on, say, a vacation. Heaven forbid I spend frivolously.

Both above situations are what I'm facing right now. And it's not cool.

Virtually depleting my savings account is one option (and one in which I am less than happy to consider). Then there's the question of the year: Do I get a second job? (insert horror flick scream here)

It looks like option No. 2 is going to have to be it (unless I can win the Power Ball jackpot this week). But I don't know where to start - mainly because I don't even want to think about working part-time somewhere. Forty hours a week is enough for anyone to have to work, and then add on top of that another 20-25 hours? That's criminal.

Have you guys had to do this before? I'm wondering if I should go the retail route or try for an office job.