Monday, November 28, 2005

Deck the Malls

Wow! What a crazy end of the week/weekend! I've been seeing myself coming and going lately ... it's been nonstop madness, but that's really the way I like it - so I've been happy as can be. However, my blog has taken a backseat to everything recently ... yikes!

To catch up on everything I've been up to ...

I spent Thanksgiving with Megan, Barry and Chattababy, along with some of their family and friends before going to work. Tons of delicious food and good conversation made Thanksgiving way better than it would have been if I'd stuck to my original plan of heating up a Lean Cuisine and watching TV before heading in to the office that afternoon.

I was off Friday-Sunday and, although I rested little and ran myself all over creation, it was the best weekend. Jon came up from Atlanta on Friday and we did the unthinkable ... We went to the mall for day-after-Thanksgiving sales. I know, I know ... we were crazy (especially because we found n-o-t-h-i-n-g), but it was fun to see all the wacko shoppers out in full effect.

All day Saturday was spent at the gigantic outlet mall in Dawsonville, Ga., with Megan. We shopped until we could shop no more ... and picked up some great deals! It was definitely a perfect shopping trip.

Sunday, again, was spent Christmas shopping. I had planned on being wise and staying home to rest up for the work week ahead, but the Mall of Georgia and Discover Mills were calling my name, so I made the trek down to Atlanta for even more shopping with Jon. I came home empty-handed, but it was fun nonetheless.

Today, it's back to the old grind. I'm tired and ready for some rest. I guess that'll come eventually, but it's nowhere in sight. Next weekend will be spent moving Cady from Dalton to Cartersville. But it will be a moving trip spent with friends, so it won't be half bad.

And I'll try to be better about posting on my blog. I promise.