Saturday, November 19, 2005

Forever in Blue Jeans

I hate, hate, hate blue jean shopping.

I don't remember when - or even how - it became such a tedious process - but finding the right pair of jeans is a difficult challenge. ... And one that I'm failing at these days.

* Boot cut * flair *low rise
* ultra low rise * wide leg *original
* hipster * long and lean * relaxed fit
* boy cut *slim fit * cowboy cut

It's an endless sea of choices. And if that weren't enough, I'm curious as to how everyone suddenly got so long-legged except me. It seems as though every single pair of blue jeans I try on are waaaay too long - by 4 or 5 inches. Now, I know I'm not a tall girl (5'3"), but I'm not as short as a lot of women.

I've browsed through the petite sections of department stores, and it's not pretty. The selection is minimal and what is offered could be most aptly described as "mom pants."

I need help, and fast. None of my jeans fit right anymore (which is a good thing), and I feel as though I've exhausted my resources. I refuse to wear jeans that barely cover my butt, but it seems like it's all or nothing. Either you bend over and show your ass crack or you're stuck wearing jeans that come above your belly button. ... What gives?

And what is up with jeans that look like they're dirty? That's just not cool.

Is it too much to ask to offer cute jeans that fall right at the hips without being super-ultra-low-rise and LONG? Where do you guys find your favorite jeans? Anyone running into the same problems? Please tell me I'm not alone.