Monday, December 12, 2005

Adventures in Laundry, Part Deux

To add to my previous laundry excitement, today someone left a dime bag of what appeared to be rather seedy marijuana in a dryer I was about to stuff two loads of clothes into.

Yes, a little bag of weed.
In the dryer.

My guess is the owner of the stuff realized he had some really bad pot on his hands and decided not to smoke it. Shoving it into his jeans pocket for when desperation really set in seemed like a good idea. But apparently, the dude never got that desperate and decided to wash his jeans instead.


That's where I come into the picture.

Imagine my surprise as I leaned into the dryer to check for such foreign objects as a dreaded panty liner, but instead found a little bag of marijuana, still perfectly sealed.

The only thing I could say as I grabbed the bag and chucked it into the garbage can was, "What's next?!?"

Stay tuned ... I'm sure the laundry saga will continue.