Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fancy-schmancy Ramon noodles

Impulse purchases aren't typically an issue with me. I can stand in line all day at the checkout and not be tempted by Scotch tape, Bubble Yum or even travel-size boxes of Kleenex tissue. I know ... amazing, eh?!?

My super powers were again tested yesterday at Fresh Market, and unfortunately the allure of hot and sour soup packaged neatly in its own bowl at the checkout was just too much for my sensibilities to deny. And at two for $3, I mean, come on! How could you not buy the bowl?

I chucked the hot and sour soup along with a garlic chicken-flavored soup into my basket and handed my items to the checkout girl, confident in my purchases.

Fast-forward to this afternoon ... When I reached into the pantry and pulled out the package of hot and sour, I was looking forward to a tasty, hot lunch. I mean, who could screw up hot and sour, right? Ha!

I opened up the bowl to find noodles and three small packets ... seasoning, something that looked like seaweed and a mystery packet of oil combined with a brown substance. Hmmm ... interesting, but confident the mixture would produce something yummy, I dutifully combined all ingredients, popped it into the microwave for a couple of minutes and waited.

The smell was the first clue that this stuff was less than desireable. What's that odor? Sewer water? Oh, no, just my hot and sour soup. No worries.

Upon taking the soup bowl out of the microwave, I still had hope. Stirring everything one last time, I sat down to eat.

* Bite one: Not too bad ... just a little bland
* Bite two: These noodles taste like paper
* Bite three: The smell is killing me
* Bite four: Never happened

I plopped the stuff into the trash and grabbed some grapes from the fridge. No way was I going to finish those stinky, glorified Ramon noodles.

I guess that's what I get for succumbing to the marketing gurus who place items at the checkout.

Lesson learned.