Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Getting outta my funk

OK, so I've been rather down lately ... and for no real reason, which bugs me.

And this is where this blog becomes a bit of therapy, so bear with me while I attempt to prove to myself that it would be a bit rash to play in traffic. (I'm kidding, so don't send out the rescue units just yet.)

Here I will list things I should be happy about:
* I'm not dead
* I'm not even near death (unless, of course, I decide to play in traffic)
* I have a nice apartment
* My neighbors could be worse
* I have a crazy cat who keeps me entertained
* I have a good job
* Even though I'm not rich, I can pay my bills and sometimes even buy groceries (ha!)
* I have a vehicle, which will be paid-for in September (THANK GOD)
* My vehicle is not a gas-guzzling SUV
* I'm in good health (despite my not-so-good figure)
* I have wonderful friends

There ... now I feel better. Somewhat. I guess it's always good to remind yourself that your life doesn't suck completely.