Monday, March 13, 2006

And this was my weekend

The birthday weekend: A summary

Friday - the early hours
I rang in the big 2-9 after work at Hair of the Dog, a local pub, with Jim. In those two short (late-night) hours of slogging down some of the best beer I've had in a while (Stella Artois), I proceded to get a bit snockered, watched a near fight between a preppy snotrocket and a well-intentioned hippy and was serenaded by Sandy, a local star who sells flowers from his bike to late-night revelers.

Friday - later in the day
The early hours of Friday had lasting effects, I should say. And, although I'm convinced that 29 has aged me significantly, I'll blame my utter exhaustion on the night before - and especially the beer that flowed freely.
Plans had been made to see Drivin' n Cryin' downtown after having a nice dinner nearby. Those plans were pretty much shot out of the water when I could barely keep my eyes open around 9 p.m. ... Yes, I felt very, very old - and a lame birthday girl, to say the least.
So, instead of rocking out to one of my favorite bands from my college days, Jon and I ordered Domino's Pizza and watched TV. I'm such the party animal these days - sometimes I scare myself.

Jon and I headed down to the riverfront where we spent much of the afternoon walking around Coolidge Park and watching kids chase bubbles in the fountain. Kids crack me up.
Later that night we hit Starbucks, where I had the most amazingly de-lish slice of cheesecake ... I wish I could remember what it was called, but it involved raspberries and a chocolate crust. Mmm, Mmm, Mmmmmm.

After a near mental breakdown in my closet, I headed to the mall, where I was on a mission to buy new clothes. My old clothes are too faded, out of style and otherwise boring - and I was sick of standing in my closet trying to figure out what shirt looks the least ugly with a pair of pants that I've worn something like 2,980 times (an approximate figure, of course!).
Several hours later, I emerged from the mall with a new pair of capris I bought at Aeropostale (God, did I feel OLD walking into that store) and a $78 skirt from Banana Republic that I paid $16 for. So much for buying a new spring wardrobe, but it's all about baby steps ... (and not going broke).

And now it's back to work!!