Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This and that

First of all, thanks to everyone who suggested some amazing vacation destinations! I hadn't thought of any of them - and I've looked each one up, and they're all beautiful. Destin really struck me as a great place to try out, so I've sent off for some information!

Secondly, my lack of blog posting lately isn't due to my lack of initiative (surprisingly) ... My third monitor in less than a year died a couple of weeks ago. And then - after finally splurging on a killer flat-screen LCD display - my modem decided it just couldn't go on. So, now I'm out a modem (and yes, I'm one of the last losers who still uses dial-up). Sooo, that's my next purchase.

And finally, I'm absolutely loving this spring weather. The high tomorrow is set for 75 - I wish it could be this warm year-round.