Friday, April 21, 2006

Instant fatification

Question: What does it take to make a person who may be just a little pudgy feel like a whale?

Answer: Take them to a professional bike race where everyone is not only in shape - they're s-k-i-n-n-y with muscles!

Despite feeling rather frumpy among all the fantastically fit cyclists, I had a great time yesterday at my third Tour de Georgia. It never fails to amaze me how fast and agile these cyclists are. They are simply incredible athletes.

And their bikes are also something to stand in awe of. Jim and I were walking around through the vender area during the race, and we happened upon a bicycle company that was displaying its products. One bicycle that I picked up weighed a mere 13 lbs. It was made completely of carbon fiber and cost $8,500 - which was less than I thought, but more than I could afford. Can you imagine a 13 lb. bike? It was very cool.

The weather held out, thank goodness - but it looked as though the sky could open up and unleash some serious storms the entire day. And that's exactly what happened as I was walking back to my car, but all was well!

This weekend I'm heading down to Atlanta to hit up IKEA with Allison. Then it's off to Snellville to hang out with Jon. I'll be back Monday or Tuesday, and I'll be sure to post something then!

Happy weekend!